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Your Privacy Choices

Depending on Your state of residence, state laws may provide you with certain rights, including to limit certain uses and disclosures of personal information about You. Information about these options is available below. Please review our Privacy Notice for a detailed description of how shu uemura collects, uses, and shares Personal Information for more information. There is a separate privacy notice located on the L’Oréal Careers website for job applicants and a separate Business Customer Privacy Notice for individuals who engage with L’Oréal in a professional capacity. For residents of the State of Washington, our Washington Consumer Health Data Notice available on the footer of certain of Our Sites and applies to personal information defined as ‘consumer health data’ subject to the Washington State My Health My Data Act (where collected).

A. Opt-Out of Targeted Advertising

We do not ‘sell’ (as ‘sell’ is traditionally defined) personal information about Our consumers. We do not make available or provide consumer’s names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or other personal information to third parties in exchange for money. Like many companies, however, We do share or make available personal information We collect with third parties to facilitate Our advertising, including providing You with personalized advertising from Us about Our products and services on other third-party sites or online applications. In some US States, this type of activity is considered (1) a ‘sale’, (2) a ‘share’ or ‘use’ of personal information for targeted advertising, or (3) both, and subject to a right of opt-out.

For example, some third parties allow Us to serve consumers with online promotions by sending identifiers or contact information (e.g., email, phone number, other identifiers (cookie ID, device ID, pseudonymous ID)) We have collected to the third party. The third party compares the identifiers or contact information to identifiers in its own database, and, if there is a match, We can use this information to optimize our advertising campaign(s), choose whether or not to serve an advertisement to the matched individual on a third-party site or platform, and measure the effectiveness of Our advertising. We can also send this information to adtech providers (like demand side platforms) that help Us serve advertisements to You on third-party sites or online applications that participate in online auctions of their ad inventory.

Additionally, We make available personal information to third parties through Our use of cookies and other similar technologies on our Site. For example, we share or make available online personal information with third parties such as social media platforms or other marketing service companies to optimize our marketing campaigns, help Us display ads for Our goods and services on third-party sites, and measure the effectiveness of those ads on such thirds party sites. These companies use personal information to improve their own products and optimize their own ad targeting systems.

To exercise the right of opt-out where available in your state of residence please use one or more of the following:

  • Regarding the sharing of offline (non-browsing) personal information, if you would like to opt-out of sharing personal information related to Your registered account, newsletter subscription, or otherwise associated to the email address You may have provided to us please submit Your request using the form on this page.
  • If You would like to opt-out of sharing information related to Your use of Our Sites please you can review and update your cookie preferences for our Site and opt out of most cookies and trackers on our Site (other than those that are strictly necessary) within our Cookie Preference Tool accessible via the cookie icon at the bottom left hand corner of the webpage. Your preferences are browser and device specific so you need to set the preference for each browser and device you use to access our Site. If you delete or block cookies, you may need to reapply these preferences. After You opt-out a cookie will be placed and stored on your browser

You may also enable a browser-based opt-out signal such as the Global Privacy Control. Where required to recognize such signals by applicable law We will treat the browser-based signals such as the Global Privacy Control as requests to opt-out of the sale/sharing or use of personal information for targeted advertising for Your browser. If you are logged-in to Your account (where available), We will associate the browser-based opt-out signal with Your account and apply it to offline personal information. If You are not logged-in to Your account, the browser-based opt-out signal is only associated with that browser.

For opt-outs at the browser level an opt-out only applies to the browser You were using at the time You made the selection. If You block or clear cookies from Your browser, it may remove the opt-out cookie. You may need to opt-out again for that browser.

Please note, some transfers of personal information are not subject to this opt-out, and your selection does not affect other sharing of personal information about You as outlined in our Privacy Notice.

B. Limit the Use of Sensitive Personal Information (including “Consumer Health Data” for residents of Washington and Nevada)

Depending on Your state of residence You may opt-out of certain uses of sensitive personal information by shu uemura, including our sharing of this type of personal information with third-parties, and/or revoke a previously given consent to Our use of sensitive personal information about You, using the form on this page. This opt-out will generally provide you with the ability to limit shu uemura’s use of sensitive personal information to only the following (where permitted by law):

  • To perform services or provide goods reasonable expected by the consumer who requested the services or goods;
  • To detect security incidents;
  • To resist malicious, fraudulent, deceptive, or illegal actions;
  • Ensure the physical safety of natural persons;
  • Short-term, transient uses;
  • To perform services on behalf of L’Oréal;
  • To verify or maintain the quality or safety of a service or device owned, manufactured, manufactured for, or controlled by L’Oréal, and to improve, upgrade, or enhance such service or device.

For more information, please see our Privacy Notice.

Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

Under a number of US State privacy regulations, you may have the right to object to certain types of processing of your personal data. If you wish to opt out of the selling and sharing or your personal and/or sensitive personal data then please provide your name and email address below.

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