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Notice of Financial Incentives/Bona Fide Loyalty Program Disclosure

We may offer incentives such as a coupon, discount, or sample in exchange for personal information (e.g. email sign-up). We may also offer a loyalty program that will provide certain perks, such as rewards and exclusive offers, as well as other programs like sweepstakes or contests. Each of these incentives or programs (hereinafter, “Programs”) may be considered a “financial incentive” or a “bona fide loyalty program” under one or more U.S. state privacy laws. Through participating in these Programs, You may provide Us with any of the categories of information set forth in the “What Personal Information We Collect & Use” section of Our Privacy Notice depending on how You chose to interact with Us when, and after, You opt-into the Program.

We generally do not assign monetary or other value to personal information. If, however, we are required by law to assign such value, we have valued the personal information collected and used as based, in part, on the value of consumer trial of new products and sharing future offers tailored to your interest with competitive value. The value is a practical and good-faith effort often involving the (i ) categories of personal information collected (e.g., names, email addresses), (ii) the transferability of such personal information for us, (iii) the discounted price offered, (iv) the volume of consumers enrolled in our Programs, and (v) the product or service to which the Programs, or price or service differences, applies. The disclosure of the value described herein is not intended to waive, nor should be interpreted as a waiver to, our proprietary or business confidential information, including trade secrets, and does not constitute any representation with regard to generally accepted accounting principles or financial accounting standards.

Participation in any Program is voluntary, and by signing up for one, You consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of Your personal information in connection with the Program. If You later wish to withdraw Your consent, You can do so by contacting Us, or otherwise following the instructions set forth in the specific Program’s terms and conditions, if applicable.

Please note that if You choose to opt-out of the sale or sharing of Your personal information or the use of Your personal information for targeted advertising, Your participation in Our Programs will not be affected and You will continue to receive all the benefits to which You are entitled. If You make a request to delete all of Your personal information, however, We will no longer be able to provide You any Program benefits because We will have no way to tie You to the benefits to which You were entitled or to contact You regarding them.