Pink or Black?

  • Every woman has duality in her,
  • Nice vs Naughty
  • Innocent vs Sexy
  • Transform into your other self!


In collaboration with 6♡PRINCESS, Takashi Murakami’s animation work, shu uemura introduces the holiday collection themed on the “dual beauty” of pink and black princess. Every woman has pink side and black side in her, nice and naughty, innocent and sexy. Play with fascinating multi-faceted beauty and freely transform yourself from pink to black, black to pink.

Takashi Murakami

Born in Tokyo, 1962.  the internationally renowned contemporary artist works in fine arts media - such as painting and sculpture - as well as more commercial media - film and animation.
He is acclaimed for blurring the line between high and low arts and he founded a postmodern art movement, SUPERFLAT, which is influenced by manga and anime of Japan’s Otaku sub-culture. His signature artistic style and motifs (cute anime-esque characters in bright colors, flat and highly glossy surfaces, life-size sculptures of anime figures) derived from this concept.