one woman, one liner, infinite possibilities.

just as there are as many women as there are colors,
there are no limits to what you can create with a liner.
calligraph:ink is the perfect tool for you to reveal your inner artist:
it allows you to draw thin to thick lines, its intense black ensures great impact to your creations, and its long-lastingness will guarantee an unforgettable impression.
let us guide you through the secrets of our artists
to eye calligraphy made easy.

product info

draw beautiful calligraphic tails effortlessly

just glide the brush, then beautiful tails at edge of eyes on any shape of eyes. from 0.05mm sharp to 2.0mm bold, Japanese calligraphy-inspired brush enables to draw any width of line with ultimate control and accuracy.
the best combination of fine-particle carbon black formula and elastic brush to draw intense eye line along with your eyes without technique. waterproof. sweat-proof. reusable, refillable package for sustainability.

Calligraph:ink is perfect for drawing from super-fine to bold lines with easy control.

Calligraph:ink liquid eye liner

Calligraph:ink liquid eyeliner pen (cartridge sold separately)
Calligraph:ink liquid eyeliner cartridge


makeup artist

Kakuyasu Uchiide

International artistic director shu uemura cosmetics

"the most difficult makeup technique is drawing lines, in particular the eye lines. you need to draw precisely on eyelids that are soft and mobile, as well as to express changes in dynamism and texture, just like calligraphy.

calligraph:ink eyeliner has made drawing lines easy for all, from beginners to professionals. as an Asian expert on eye, shu uemura invites you to discover different eye lining techniques for different looks, moods and impact."

discover 6 easy, secret tips to lining to create infinite possibilities


1 upper lining for neat, simple &natural finish
2 upper & corner lining for natural finish with subtle impact


3 closed lining for full definition
4 open lining for unique & refined impression


5 double lining for dramatized impact
6 artistic for free expression of your creativity


area0 area1 area2 area3 area4 area5 area6 area7 area8 area9 area10 area11 area12 area13 area14 area15 area16 area17 area18 area19 area20 area21 area22 area23 area24 area25 area26 area27 area28 area29 area30 area31 area32 area33 area34 area35 area36 area37 area38 area39 area40 area41 area42 area43 area44 area45 area46 area47 area48 area14

PES shade extension

pressed eye shadow

5 new shades inspired by calligraphy that enhance the beautiful edge of calligraph:ink and its black color intensity.

5 new shades

S Light Beige 815


G Beige 821


S Medium Brown 853


S Dark Brown 884


ME Vermillion 252


sweet warm orange

for feminine look.
perfect with natural eyelines.

glitter nude

for natural yet glamorous look.
enjoy with colder eyelines.



for the first time ever, shu uemura presents innovative
paperlashes in two cutest designs around the theme of love.
enjoy as a sweet accent.

cupid angel


love lasts forever


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