As a base, use cover crayon on lids to even out skin tone for pastel colours. Blend using synthetic brush 10. Use kolinsky brush 10F to apply brown painting liner on upper and lower lash line. Use natural brush 10 to apply light blue shade of the m 630 pressed eyeshadow refill all over upper and lower lids, extend out onto temples. Use natural brush 10 to apply deeper blue shade, IR medium blue 675 pressed eyeshadow refill to the crease. Use kolinsky brush 11 to soften. Use kolinsky brush 11 to apply lavender shade of M light purple 716 pressed eyeshadow refill above temples blending into the blue shade. Line water line with pearly white drawing pencil. Curl the lashes with the emblematic eyelash curler. Apply natural mascara in black. Apply oceans beads mini lashes.